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jon montenegro vessel augmented reality art

Vessel: An augmented reality art piece

Vessel is a sculpture created with mixed media and code. The art explores virtual / augmented reality and the relationship with the “real” world.   Title: Vessal Date:…

Augmented reality business cards by Jon Montenegro

Augmented Reality Business Card

Small side project. An Augmented reality business card using ar.js, three.js and qr-codes. The augmented reality business cards were created for Variousways. A user scans a qr-code on…

Kalopsia is a augmented reality interactive generative art project.

Kalopsia is an augmented reality interactive generative art project

Kalopsia is an augmented reality interactive art project that explores how we find beauty in ordinary things. Kalopsia uses video from a webcam, motion tracking code, (Javascript &…

reach p5.js multi-user art jon montenero


Reach – Audience Participatory Interactive art piece using p5.js, node.js, socket.io and heroku. Viewers can interact with the art piece by touching the art piece on their smartphone….

iam social media art by Jon Montenegro


#iam is an interactive social media art piece created to explore social media information and emotions from Twitter. The interactive piece is dynamically created from emotions that have…


What is there? All objects are there. Abyss is an interactive piece in which people from around the world can interact and affect the art piece via their…